1. Digipower 4 Port USB Charger
    [ACD-400i 4 Port USB Wall Charger]

    Our Price:  $29.99

    The ACD-400i is a 4 USB port wall charger which features InstaSense, a new advance technology which automatically senses the power requirements of any smartphone or tablet and delivers the fastest possible charge. you can charge up to 4 devices at once with this convenient charger! And it uses Instasense, so the dives that take a little longer to charge will get the power they need to charge more rapidly. This is a great way to stay organized at your family's charging station without tangling cords or having to have multiple devices charging at several outlet all over the house. charges smartphones, iphones, tablets, or any other device that charges from a USB cable. Enjoy convenient and hassle free charging with this handy wall charger - what will we think of next?
    The ACD-400i comes equipped with 4.2amps of power.

    4 port USB charges up to four USB devices at once
    4.2Amps of power
    Charge any smartphone or tablet
    Perfect size and best travel companion for your tech gadgets.
    Compatible with all Smartphones and Tablets.

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