1. Universal Smart Battery Charger TC-5000U

    Our Price:  $39.99

    Easily power the 3.6V - 8.4V lithium-ion battery in your digital camera, camcorder, mobile phone, e-reader or other device with this DigiPower TC-5000U charger that features universal voltage for use while traveling.

    The Smart Battery Charger you've been waiting for.
    The Digipower TC-5000U charges almost anything!

    It works with Canon, Sony, Nikon, Fujifilm, Samsung, Panasonic, Olympus, Casio and Kodak. Also capable of charging the Action cams such as GoPro Hero3 and Hero3+ among many other action cam such as Sony and JVC.
    Take this charger with you anywhere and charge your phone and your camera or ebook reader at the same time!

    Lets you charge your device's battery and use your device simultaneously.LED indicator.
    Illuminates when your battery is fully charged. Universal voltage.
    Ranging from 100V - 240V lets you use the charger in multiple locations around the world. Battery protection.
    Guards against overcharging, overheating, short circuit and defects. Folding plug.
    Ensures a compact design for easy travel.
    Charges 3.6V - 8.4V lithium-ion batteries.
    Compatible with select digital camera and camcorder batteries
    Including: Canon, Sony, Nikon, Fujifilm, Samsung, Panasonic, Olympus, Casio and Kodak models for wide-ranging use.
    Also compatible with GoPro Hero 3, Hero3+, Sony Action Cam, Drift Ghost HD and JVC Adixxion action cameras and select mobile phones, e-readers and other devices.
    Charges 3.6V - 8.4V lithium-ion batteries, including Samsung Galaxy S II.
    PDF manual is not available for this product.

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