1. Digipower Quikpod® Pro TP-QPPRO "Be Your Own Star!"
    [Quickpod, quikpod, monopod, quikpod, quickpod]

    Our Price:  $19.99

    The Digipower TP-QPPRO QuikPod®Pro allows you to "be your own star!". The Quikpod® assists with self portrait shots. The QuikPod TP-QPPRO extends to 20" with built in mirror for overhead shots and self-positioning. Get in the picture wherever you are. Just attach your camera and shoot great self portraits.

    •QuikPod® Pro extends to 20" with PC head

    •Interchange mounts for smartphone and GoPro®

    •Includes smart phone adapter, GoPro® mount, wrist strap, hiking clip and carrying case

    •Quikpod® made from high quality steel alloy components offering strength, durability and portability

    •Includes QuikPod® Pro with self image mirror, GoPro® Mount, Smart phone adapter, Hiking Clip, Wrist Strap, Carrying Case
    The TP-QPPRO includes mounts for digital cameras, GoPro® cameras and cell phones.


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