1. 3,000mAh - The Powerbiner - Carabiner Clip with built-in Portable Charger

    Our Price:  $39.99

    The Powerbiner features 11+ hours of video time use, 10+ hours of talk time plus it has the power to charge your phone up to 2x before it needs to be recharge. The Powerbiner is not only strong in its technology, but also in strength, as is has the power to lift up to 132lbs. It has overcharge and short circuit protection.

    - 3000mAh Power Bank Charger recharges your phone 2x
    - 11+ hours of video time to film your full day, 10+ hours of talk time
    - Carabiner Clip Holds Up to 132lbs & is a High Powered Portable Charger
    - Compatible with all USB powered devices, USB Portable Charger
    - Overcharge and short circuit protection, Built-in Technology, Super Strong Carabine
    - 11+ hours of video time use
    - 10+ hours of talk time
    - Can carry up to 132lbs worth of bags
    - Product Dimensions (in): 9.6L x 5.5W x 1.4D
    - Weight: 0.46lbs
    - Battery Capacity: 3,000mAh 11.1Wh
    - Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
    Compatible with ALL iPhone & Samsung Galaxy Smartphones (USB-C, LIghtning + micro USB connected devices).
    PDF manual is not available for this product.
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