1. The Techie - 7800mAh Rechargeable Powerbank with 2amp dual USB ports

    Our Price:  $39.99

    Made for the technology enthusiast with too many devices to keep track of, “The Techie” Re-Fuel Rechargeable Powerbank can charge up to two devices simultaneously. “The Techie” gives you up to three* full charges to keep your devices charged whenever you need it. This versatile battery pack is also surprisingly lightweight for its size and fits perfectly in your bag or jacket pocket. *Full charge based on battery capacity of iPhone 6 & 6S
    Product Dimensions (in): 3.82 x 2.44 x 0.83
    Weight: 0.397lbs
    Battery Capacity: 7800mAh 28.9Wh
    Input: 5V – 1A
    Output: 5V – 2.1A Max (shared for both ports)
    Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
    Compatible with:

    All Smartphones + Tablets
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