1. Digipower - BP-OL70 digital camera battery, Replacement for Olympus Li-70B battery pack
    [Olympus Li-70B, Li70B]

    Our Price:  $29.99

    Replace a Olympus Li-70B battery pack with the Digipower BP-OL70 Li-ion battery pack. It is an ideal accessory for your compatible Olympus digital camera. This battery pack is designed to provide continuous, reliable power to your compatible Olympus digital camera. The Digipower battery can replace an existing li-70b battery, olympus li-70b battery, olympus fe-4020 battery, or vg-140 battery. Order this Olympus li-70b battery today to start getting full power from your digital camera. This reliable battery is great for replacing an old battery that's losing its power or as a spare battery to keep in your camera bag. Start taking great pictures with long lasting power from Digipower. This battery works on cameras including the OLYMPUS FE-4020, OLYMPUS VG-110, OLYMPUS VG-120 and several others.Digipower batteries and camera accessories will help you get the most out of your digital camera and digital devices. We provide replacement batteries, accessories, cables, and chargers for some of your favorite products. Let us help you find the right replacement part, cable, or accessory for your digital camera. Digipower provides products for the top brand cameras and your other electronics. Every product comes with a one year warranty and is made of high quality parts.

    • Li-ion

    • Voltage: 3.7V

    • Capacity: 550mAh

    • Run Time: 150 pictures

    OLYMPUS FE-4020
    OLYMPUS FE-5040
    OLYMPUS VG-110
    OLYMPUS VG-120
    OLYMPUS VG-140
    OLYMPUS VG-145

    OLYMPUS FE4020
    OLYMPUS FE5040

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