1. Digipower BP-OL50 digital camera battery, Replacement for Olympus Li-50B battery pack
    [Olympus Li-50B, Li50B]

    Our Price:  $39.99

    Replace a Olympus Li-50B battery pack with the Digipower BP-OL50 Li-ion battery pack. It is an ideal accessory for your compatible Olympus digital camera. This battery pack is designed to provide continuous, reliable power to your compatible Olympus digital camera. Order a brand new battery today to reaplce your old existing battery or as a backup battery for long photo shoots. It can replace a li-50b battery, olympus li-50b battery, olympus tough 6000 battery, or tough 6000 battery.This high quality replacement olympus li-50b battery will have your camera working like new when your existing battery starts losing power. It works on the following digital camera models: OLYMPUS FE-20, OLYMPUS STYLUS 1010, OLYMPUS STYLUS TOUGH 6020, OLYMPUS XZ-1, and many more. The complete list of compatible cameras is listed under the compatibility tab. Digipower batteries and camera accessories will help you get the most out of your digital camera and digital devices. We provide replacement batteries, accessories, cables, and chargers for some of your favorite products. Let us help you find the right replacement part, cable, or accessory for your digital camera. Digipower provides products for the top brand cameras and your other electronics. Every product comes with a one year warranty and is made of high quality parts.

    • Li-ion

    • Voltage: 3.7V

    • Capacity: 770mAh

    • Run Time: 225 pictures

    Olympus FE-20
    Olympus SH-21
    Olympus SH-25MR
    Olympus SP-565UZ
    Olympus SP-700UZ
    Olympus SP-720UZ
    Olympus SP-800UZ
    Olympus SP-810UZ
    Olympus Stylus 1010
    Olympus Stylus 1020
    Olympus Stylus 1030
    Olympus Stylus 1040
    Olympus Stylus 1050SW
    Olympus Stylus 9000
    Olympus Stylus Tough 6000
    Olympus Stylus Tough 6020
    Olympus Stylus Tough 8000
    Olympus Stylus Tough 8010
    Olympus SZ-10
    Olympus SZ-11
    Olympus SZ-12
    Olympus SZ-14
    Olympus SZ-30MR
    Olympus SZ-31MR
    Olympus TG-320
    Olympus TG-610
    Olympus TG-615
    Olympus TG-620
    Olympus TG-630
    Olympus TG-820
    Olympus VG-130
    Olympus VG-160
    Olympus VG-170
    Olympus VR-340
    Olympus VR-350
    Olympus VR-360
    Olympus XZ-1

    Olympus FE20
    Olympus SH21
    Olympus SH25MR
    Olympus SP565UZ
    Olympus SP700UZ
    Olympus SP720UZ
    Olympus SP800UZ
    Olympus SP810UZ
    Olympus Stylus1010
    Olympus Stylus1020
    Olympus Stylus1030
    Olympus Stylus1040
    Olympus Stylus1050SW
    Olympus Stylus9000
    Olympus StylusTough6000
    Olympus StylusTough6020
    Olympus StylusTough8000
    Olympus StylusTough8010
    Olympus SZ10
    Olympus SZ11
    Olympus SZ12
    Olympus SZ14
    Olympus SZ30MR
    Olympus SZ31MR
    Olympus TG320
    Olympus TG610
    Olympus TG615
    Olympus TG620
    Olympus TG630
    Olympus TG820
    Olympus VG130
    Olympus VG160
    Olympus VG170
    Olympus VR340
    Olympus VR350
    Olympus VR360
    Olympus XZ1

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