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The digital world we live in today requires a partner you can trust to deliver quality and innovative accessories to support your lifestyle.

Since 1998, DIGIPOWER has pioneered the digital accessory category with strong industry insights and a commitment to unique product design and engineering. DIGIPOWER prides itself by introducing compatible, high performance accessories to the mobile computer, wireless and imaging enthusiast.

At DIGIPOWER we continue to strive to explore new solutions to support the growing world of portable digital products. Innovations like our TC-55 Digital Camera Travel Charger Series have revolutionized the imaging industry by eliminating the concern of portability and brand compatibility. Today, DIGIPOWER is the number one selling line of camera battery and chargers in the country according to NPD.

DIGIPOWER is a division of Mizco International. Headquartered in Avenel, New Jersey, Mizco International (www.mizco.com) is one of the world’s fastest growing suppliers of mobile phone headsets and accessories, as well as imaging, smartphone and iPhone power solutions. Founded in 1990, the Mizco family of brands include Cellular Innovations, DIGIPOWER, iEssentials, Travelocity, and Marc Ecko.



Digipower is your source for a variety of digital camera accessories, android accessories, iphone accessories, battery packs, portable power banks, camera battery chargers, and a variety of rechargeable batteries. We carry batteries and accessories that are compatible with the top brands like GoPro Hero, Sony, Canon, Acer, Kodak, JVC, Apple, Android, Samsung and many more. If you are looking for a replacement camcorder or digital camera battery, rechargeable battery, or smartphone power bank, this site can help you find what you are looking for. Digipower also carries the accessories and cables you need like a phone charger, laptop power cable or USB cable.

When you order from Digipower, you can be assured you will receive high quality and reliable products. Our batteries, chargers, and accessories are designed to deliver excellent performance and help you keep your favorite digital products running at their best. If you have a laptop, camera, cell phone, or other digital product that needs a new battery or a backup battery power source, our battery finder will help you make sure you are getting compatible items.

Our products stand out because of our commitment to quality engineering and unique design. With today’s reliance on electronics like computers and smartphones, you need power and accessories you can rely on. Digipower replacement batteries, power chargers and cables will keep your electronics running reliable wherever you are. We carry products that help you get your work done and products that support your lifestyle. Order today from Digipower to start getting the most from your electronics.

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